Rupert Cole presents a new album of electronic songs for release with

ADAADAT, Summer 2017.


In the thrall of data-bot-agent-contagion a different occult is unraveling.

In a rush of transfusion the mind is being un-selfed, reconfigured at the

artificial⇆human synapse junction and things are going a bit animal as

this new creature enters the world.


THWUNK was created to ventriloquise a voice for this

other being.


Take Part In This Song


I was asked if i would like to take part in making this song,

It's easy they said, just pretend to make up the words as I go


they told me, there's no worries, we’d be fine, we’d get along.

I listened, and now, I wish it would never end, perhaps I

could just tell someone, maybe a friend.

It feels like I’m in a documentary,

to see all those moments close up and hairy, I remember

hearing this once before,

l just cant remember why or what for, I heard it once, twice

perhaps even more.

When I think about it i start to ascend,

but they wont tell me how much longer before the song will


It feels like a memory but I cant be sure,

I think I heard it once, twice perhaps even more.

I made up the words like they asked me but it seems they all

just swipe past me. Each time I watch it it plays on my

mind, a song with no reason only a rhyme. 






















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The only thing to solve is the problem, which then only leaves the thing.



Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation